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By Richard Gibson:
What Things Are Made Of
The story of America's dependency
on mineral commodities (including oil) in everyday life.
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Print (312 pages): $17.95; electronic (PDF) $9.99.
Additional e-versions details to come.

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By Richard Gibson:
Lost Butte, Montana
Stories of Butte's Lost Buildings

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Print (144 pages): $19.99

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2008 Columns in Montana Standard newspaper: Ghost Signs | Sanborn Maps | Italianate | Jargon | Virtual Historic Butte | Salvage | Vernacular | Cornices | Cast Iron | Luxfer | Sandstone & Dolomite | 1906 building boom | Slag brick walls | Ghost Buildings | Integrity | Hirbour tower | Tin Ceilings | Painted Wood Grain

Vernacular Architecture Forum 2009 Guidebook (Editor, writer, and layout):

Butte Citizens for Preservation & Revitalization: Monthly newsletters: layout and most unattributed content, 2007-2011.

Antimony (originally published in Earth magazine)

Grand Canyon Hike (originally published in Great Expeditions Adventure and Travel Magazine)

Restoring Butte (Big Sky Journal, 2009)

The Beauty of Butte (Distinctly Montana, 2011 - go to p. 64)

What's the Deal With Oil? (originally appeared in Butte Weekly)

Yogos: Montana's Goldilocks Gem (Distinctly Montana, Summer 2011)  



Hard Copy

History of the Earth
Perpetual Calendar
  Historic Stained Glass
in Butte
  Ethnic Map
of Butte
  Chinatown Archaeological Dig Booklet


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