Butte, Montana
Ethnic Map

The Ethnic Map of butte is an 11x17-inch sheet showing annotated ethnic neighborhoods, from Seldom Seen to Williamsburg and Germania to Columbia Gardens. The base is an 1897 U.S. Geological Survey map. 35 notes provide information about most areas, and a few photographs add to the decorations.

Small snippets of the map are shown here. It can be purchased at the Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives, Old Butte Historical Adventures, Butte Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center, and Books & Books. Copyright to this map was transferred to the Butte Archives in 2018. All orders should be placed with them - I do not have any available.

References and recommended reading: Butte Voices, by Pat Kearney; Mining Cultures, by Mary Murphy; and The Butte Irish, by David Emmons.

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