Oil Exploration Products and Services

Gibson Consulting specializes in geological interpretation of gravity and magnetic data for hydrocarbon exploration. Gibson's work ranges from local, prospect-oriented projects in locations like Nevada and elsewhere in the United States to regional tectonic analysis for play generation in Former Soviet Union, Southeast Asia, and the rest of the world.

Experience: Continent-scale Interpretations

Dick Gibson created detailed, play-oriented interpretations of five continent-scale gravity and/or magnetic data sets for hydrocarbon exploration. The projects all included specific locations that were recommended as analogs to existing production, as well as areas that fit the tectonic setting of known or postulated plays. In some places, the work resulted in previously unstudied play concepts.

Work like this in Nevada, USA, resulted in a series of recommended exploration locations; one such site was the location of the later discovery of Grant Canyon Oil Field, with the most productive onshore well in the lower 48 states. For more information, click on any heading.

Former USSR (Magnetics)

Proprietary, non-exclusive basement tectonic interpretation of the entire former Soviet Union, available from Gibson Consulting. Work covered 10 months. Results: 93-page report; 18 color magnetic sheets with interpretation overlays at 1:2,500,000 scale; computer database of oil and gas fields on disk (about 1500 entries); digital Bibliography and Index of the journal Petroleum Geology (over 3000 entries); other adjunct products and local studies. Initial clients: BHP (Melbourne), JNOC (Tokyo), Unocal (London), Marathon (Houston), Conoco (Houston). Late purchasers: Petro-Canada (Calgary), Shell (The Hague), AGIP (Milan).

Southeast Asia & China (Gravity & Magnetics)

Proprietary, non-exclusive gravity & magnetic projects in the South China and Java Seas (available from Bird Geophysical and Gibson Consulting. Also, proprietary interpretation of Leeds gravity and published magnetic data in two projects, one concession evaluation and one regional study covering the eastern two-thirds of China, offshore areas, and northern Viet Nam. Four months. Results: 2 reports (14 and 36 pages) including several maps at various scales.

USA (Gravity & Magnetics)

Proprietary, non-exclusive study (available from Gibson Consulting) covering most basin areas of the United States excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Work covered 7 months. Results: 160-page report (52 fig.) with 30 separate interpretation maps (scales range from 1:500,000 to 1:2,500,000). More than 150 specific plays and analogs to production recommended. Clients: ARCO, Marathon, Meridian. Additional spin-off product: Interpreted Magnetic Basement Terrane Map of the U.S.

Africa (Gravity)

Proprietary interpretation for Marathon Oil of University of Leeds compilation. Six-month project. Results: 72-page report, 21 sheets at 1:2,000,000 scale with interpretation overlays.



South America (Gravity)

Proprietary interpretation for Marathon Oil of University of Leeds compilation. Work covered 7 months. Results: Approximately 57-page report; 20 sheets at 1:2,000,000 with interpretation overlays.







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