Tourism Products and Services

Gibson's tourism focus is on cultural tourism and educational tours (geology, mining history, labor history, architecture, general history). In addition to the specific tours and tour packages you will discover using the links below, Dick Gibson is a free-lance professional step-on guide, accompanying tours in geologically interesting parts of the world as well as in his home base of Western Montana.

For Smithsonian Journeys, Dick has served as a Study Leader on excursions to Northern Rockies National Parks (Tetons to Waterton Lakes), Western U.S. Parks (Yellowstone to Santa Fe), Alaska, and Iceland. As an instructor for 16 summers at one of the nation's most prestigious college geology training programs, he's versed in the geological stories and background for western North America, an area he has focused on in his professional geolgical consulting work for oil exploration.

In Southwest Montana and Butte in particular, Dick and his colleagues lead diverse tour programs that are tailored to all tastes and time frames, from 1-hour walking or bus tours to 5-day in-depth educational experiences.

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