Discover "The Richest Hill On Earth"

Guided explorations of mining and cultural history and geology in and around
Butte, America
an educational tourism program from
Gibson Consulting
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Selected activities and attractions
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Recommended Reading

You will receive copies of the following books (one of each per family)
as part of your paid registration in this program:
  • Roadside Geology of Montana, by Dave Alt and Don Hyndman
  • War of the Copper Kings, by C.B. Glasscock
  • Butte Voices, by Pat Kearney
  • Historic Stained Glass in selceted houses of worship, Butte, Montana, by Richard Gibson and Irene Scheidecker
  • Lost Butte: Preservation and Demolition in the Nation's Largest National Historic Landmark District, by Richard I. Gibson (avail. summer 2012)
  • The Mules, the Mines, and the Miners, by Mike Byrnes
  • Mining Matters, by Richard I. Gibson
  • History of the Earth Perpetual Calendar, by Richard I. Gibson
  • What Things are Made Of: America's global dependency for nearly everything, by Richard I. Gibson
  • Wisdom Road, by Chad Okrusch (music CD featuring Butte and southwest Montana themes)

Also recommended:

  • Fire and Brimstone, by Michael Punke
  • Rising From the Plains, by John McPhee
  • Mile High, Mile Deep, by Richard O'Malley
  • Wide Open Town, by Myron Brinig
  • Work Song, by Ivan Doig
  • Undaunted Courage, by Stephen Ambrose

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