Magnetic Basement Terrane Map of the US

This map is an updated spin-off from our Basement Tectonic Interpretation of the United States. The map is essentially a tectonic map of the basement for the 48 conterminous states. Inferred structural features are shown, as well as intrabasement lithologic contacts that may have affected the prospective section.

The map can be used to guide play generation by pointing out weak zones in the basement. Such locations are likely sites of structural rejuvenation, and they may influence patterns of sedimentation. Mississippian oolite shoals in the Williston Basin appear to be affected by basement features, and the locations of deltas in the Frontier Formation in parts of Wyoming may be guided by basement tectonics.

The scale of the map is 1:2,500,000, which facilitates comparison with the geologic, gravity, magnetic, and other published maps at this scale. Two sheets cover the area analysed. An additional sheet at 1:5,000,000 serves as an index to the interpretation and points up very large-scale features that are less evident in the other map. The map has about 35 information boxes that explain the tectonic significance of many of the interpreted magnetic features, such as the Great Falls Tectonic Zone and the belt of intrusives in North Texas. The map is accompanied by an explanatory booklet.

A set of black and white paper copies of the Interpreted Magnetic Basement Terrane Map of the Conterminous United States is available for $95.00. Reproducible copies are available at additional cost.


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